A. Primary Term: No Long-Term Contracts
1. All services may be cancelled at any time with a written notice through email, however we do require that you provide us with a 30 days notice if you intend to discontinue any particular service.
2. Billing: All management plans renew on the first of every month and are billed within the first week of that month. Any plans beginning between the 1st and 15th of every month will be billed for the entire month that the plan is beginning in. Any plans beginning between the 16th and the last day of the month will be billed for half of the current month as well as the full fee for the following month. For example, if you choose for your plan to begin on January 5th, you will be billed for the entire month of January. If you choose for your plan to begin on the 25th of January, you will be billed half of January's fee and all of February's fee. All billing for your monthly management fee is billed and due in the first week of every month.
B. Pricing
1. Monthly fee of 80/20 per car (you keep 80%)
2. One-time initiation fee $150
a) Covers cost of lockbox and RFID pouch needed for exchange and tracking device.
3. Hourly fee of $25 for any maintenance needed
4. Any extras/reimbursements such as post trip cleaning/parking will be given to HandiFleet.

A. Management Authority: Owner grants to management the following authority which management may exercise and to the extent management determines to be in Owner’s interest.
1. When a vehicle is signed up under HandiFleet, HandiFleet assumes all responsibility for managing the associated marketplace account as of the start date. This includes complete management of the trips, vehicles, and account information. The account owner also agrees to ensure the HandiFleet team is always able to access the account and will never change account access information without first communicating that to HandiFleet. However, HandiFleet will not, at any time, change billing information or make any account-level changes without first discussing said changes with the account owner.
2. We will communicate with your renters directly on your behalf. We ask that while your vehicle is under management by us that you not reach out to your renters directly. All communication can be viewed by you via the marketplace message feed and should you want to communicate something to your renter, please reach out to the on-call team@hitchacar.com. Communicating with your renters directly while your trips and vehicles are under the care of HandiFleet can cause unnecessary confusion and create a negative experience.
3. Anything and everything that's done to your vehicle is always documented thoroughly. Trip photos taken before and after trips are always uploaded
4. We reserve the right to change our packages, offerings, pricing, addon options, car seats, etc, without advance notice and at any time. However, we will always fulfill each trip as requested and as booked to ensure the renter's trip is not negatively affected.
5. If it is determined that the vehicle may be unsafe to drive, we will first attempt to have the vehicle inspected by a qualified technician at the vehicle owner's expense. If repairs are needed and there is not adequate time for the repairs to be completed before the car is to begin a trip, HandiFleet may need to cancel the trip. Management fees will not be refunded in such a circumstance.
6. Vehicle owners permanently waive their right to cancel trips at any point in the future without consent from HandiFleet so long as the vehicle is being managed by HandiFleet Should you desire to utilize the vehicle for your own personal use, it is your responsibility to ensure it is blocked out on the vehicle's calendar in the marketplace's system.
7. HandiFleet will accept responsibility for damage to vehicles actively managed under plans in which damage claims are managed, only under the following scenarios:
1. Direct Control: If a vehicle is being driven by a HandiFleet team member, it is considered as being within the direct control of said team member. Direct control also includes times in which the vehicle is being cleaned or inspected. If the vehicle is damaged while within the direct control of a HandiFleet team member, HandiFleet will accept liability and pay for the costs to repair such damage.

Coverage may not be covered by HandiFleet under the following scenarios:
1. Comprehensive Damage: All comprehensive claims, such as hail damage or vehicle theft, is never covered by HandiFleet under any scenario.
2. Parked Vehicles: Neither HandiFleet nor any parking facility being utilized by HandiFleet provide any coverage, nor accept any liability for damage to any vehicles while they're parked.
3. Pre-Existing Damage: If a vehicle is already damaged in some way that is worsened by our team through the course of normal processes, this will not likely be covered. A good example of this is if paint is chipped or pealing on your vehicle and by the vehicle being washed through our hand or automated wash it peals more, this would not be covered. If your vehicle is damaged and not repaired, you can be held responsible for that damage worsening if the damage was pre-existing.
4. Damage Not Visible in Standard Photos: If damage is so small that it cannot clearly be seen in the standard photos taken by HandiFleet as outlined below, it may not be covered by HandiFleet. This can include damage to the undercarriage of the vehicle that is not clearly visible to our team and in our standard photos. It could also include small scratches that may be more than 3 inches and ordinarily covered by the marketplace, but is so small it's not visible in our standard exterior photos.
5. Windshield Repairs or Replacement: If a windshield is chipped and is eligible to be filled/repaired instead of replaced, HandiFleet will not cover the repairs needed, but can organize arrangements for repair owner will be responsible.
6. Mechanical Failure: It is extremely rare that a renter would be able to cause damage to a vehicle mechanically. Additionally, our team's ability to immediately be made known of a mechanical failure and be able to diagnose it is typically not possible. Additionally, it must be proven that HandiFleet should have clearly noticed the issue and reported it as possible damage by way of significant vehicle performance degradation or warning lights on the vehicle.
7. Aftermarket Parts: Aftermarket parts, including recreational racks, are not covered under any circumstance.
8. Removable Parts: Coverage for removable parts, whether aftermarket or not, cannot be covered by HandiFleet. An example of this type of item would be a remote for an entertainment system, a WiFi hotspot, or any other type of item that isn't secured to the vehicle. Our system and processes don't currently allow for us to track individual, removable items in vehicles, which is one of the primary reasons for this limitation.
9. Normal Wear and Tear Excluded: Normal wear and tear of vehicles is never covered by HandiFleet under any circumstance. We also do not handle processing of claims with any marketplace for wear and tear items under any circumstance. If your vehicle has wear and tear coverage, it will be your responsibility as the owner to pursue those claims.
10. Loss of Income: Regardless of your coverage with the car sharing marketplace, loss of income is never covered by HandiFleet..
11. Rental Replacement: Regardless of your coverage with the car sharing marketplace, rental replacement is never covered by HandiFleet.
12. Diminished Value: Regardless of your coverage with the car sharing marketplace, diminished value is never covered by HandiFleet under any circumstance.
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