Frequently asked questions

HandiFleet is the first professional car sharing management company in Texas. We allow the community to invest in the car sharing market and utilize their depreciating assets in churn for cash flow.  Our team provides a 24/7 management service for your clients and ultimately create a 5 star experience.    

We are currently managing fleets in Austin Texas and are continuing to expand into other cities. Please contact us to see when we will be arriving into your city. We do target Airport travelers and deliver cars to them for free so that we can optimize your bookings. 

Yes. All reservations will be confirmed instantly.

Yes, if any cars are damaged by us while being driven or in the care of any of our drivers we will reimburse any and all damaged caused by the driver. You are 100% covered!

For parked cars neither HandiFleet nor any parking facility being utilized by HandiFleet provide any coverage, nor accept any liability for damage to any vehicles while they’re parked.

We can photograph your vehicle if needed during the initial on boarding.  

That will depend on the plan that you choose when enrolling. The cars that are on our account will be the revenue shared plans or investment plans. All other plans will have the vehicles listed on your account 


That depends on the plan you choose. If you’re enrolling under our Revenue Share program will have the vehicle listed on our corporate accounts and all other plans will have the vehicle listed on your account. If you already have the car listed on your account, just let us know that at the time of enrollment and we’ll get connected to your existing listing.

As a part of the protection plans provided by the marketplaces, 24/7 emergency roadside assistance is included. We do have staff online 24/7/365, however the primary go-to for guests is the marketplace support line.

We handle all guest communications for our plans! 

There is no minimum amount of cars, if you would like to just list 1 car or 15 cars just let us know. We will make it work!  

HandiFleet is a professional car management service . Contact Us

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