Car Sharing Consulting

Fleet information

HandiFleet is a professional Turo car sharing management company in Austin Texas. Our consulting division was created to cater to all Turo host and anyone interested in car-sharing around the United States. Below you can see out offerings and how we can help you earn in the car sharing market no matter where you are! 

Auto Brokerage Service

Any car you need for your fleet we can find it for you. We provide dealer pricing on all the vehicles that are being bought for the car sharing market.

Car sharing Infrastructure

Staying up to date on new innovating technology so that you can stay up to date in handling your fleet. From check in and check out process to handling the maintenance on your fleet.

Analysis of your Market

The HandiFleet consulting team combines industry experience, big data, analytical skills and real time data to find the best performing cars for your market.

Optimizing your listing

Our team specializes in making sure that your vehicles are booked, that your listing is always on top of the search page. We know the secrets in creating a optimal listing page.


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