Trip Management

End to end complete management of your fleet. Includes communication, maintenance, cleaning, drop off, pick up, & more!

24/7 guest communication

HandiFleet is available 24/7 for your guest. We believe great communication is essential for a premier guest experience.

Service Management

Getting your car serviced is always a pain. Pass the hassle down to us and we'll ensure your cars are being maintained according to their schedule.

Interior & Exterior Cleaning

We ensure all cars in your fleet are cleaned top to bottom, inside, and out to guarantee a new car feel for every guest.

Pick up & Return

Our unique pick up and return process is personalized, convenient, and flexible to accommodate every renters needs.

Claim Management

HandiFleet meticulously documents the current condition of your vehicle before & after every trip with picture evidence so that claims can be processed if necessary.

Choose the perfect plan

Reap the profits of being a Turo host and do so by doing nothing at all. Let us do the work, while you sit back and earn!

Investor Model

Want to invest and create a fleet, we find the cars!  

Revenue Shared

Perfectly aligns our incentives, which keeps us 100% motivated to maximize your rental income.

Why Handifleet?

Our team specializes in the car sharing industry with years of experience and research. Our passion for the sharing economy stems from enabling individuals to take under utilized assets and turn them into profit generating investments. HandiFleet takes the time and logistics out of car sharing so that our clients can relax and earn supplemental income. We provide value by optimizing your listing so that you can maximize your earnings. Let's face it: your car is decreasing in value by the day. Why not take advantage of the car sharing industry and make a return on your so called "asset"?

Host Benefits

The benefits of the host are simple, we are here to serve you. Most of our clients see great potential in this industry but do not have the time or the resources to handle all the logistics. Whether you're wanting to spend time on your passions & hobbies or stay busy working a full time job, we help you balance your financial needs and your personal freedom with our service. So, no matter where you are vacationing or working we allow you to make money while being completely hands off and stress free. Worry less and let us handle your fleet, we are here for you!

Guest benefits

HandiFleet is all about making the customer experience as personalized and convenient as possible. We provide a 5 star service to any guest and help accommodate them with any of their needs. We are all about personalized notes with tips and tricks to go around Austin, clean interior and exterior vehicles and proving the most convenient exchange process. Our guest love booking with us and we love taking care of them!


Establishing and sustaining trusted partnerships

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